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Walking and cycling as part of your daily commute could save you money, time and hassle.

Explore the links below to find out how getting active on your way to work can make you feel better and learn more about getting around Liverpool City Region on foot and by bike. We've also got a dedicated Arrive Happy Facebook page with loads of walking and cycling info, tips and success stories so head over and follow us to receive regular updates.



A better way to start your day

Why not try walking to work, school, the shops, the cinema... anywhere you can get to on foot? It's the easiest and cheapest form of exercise there is, and there are lots of benefits to getting out and about in the fresh air. 


A happier, healthier commute

 Cycling can make you happier, healthier and less stressed. And the benefits aren’t just for you. Cycling also helps to reduce traffic and congestion, which means you’re improving air quality and cleaning up the environment too.


We’re on a mission to get people across Liverpool City Region… walking!

Over the last year and a half tens of thousands of people from across Liverpool City Region have taken steps towards enjoying a more active commute with the help of Arrive Happy.

They’ve taken up cycling, walked with a friend to and from work or started small by getting off the bus a few stops earlier to enjoy the last part of their daily journey on foot.

After all, you don’t have to become an Olympian overnight to enjoy a healthier commute.

Speaking to many of the region’s workers who’ve changed their daily routines over the last year or so, the vast majority have reported feeling healthier, happy and better prepared for the day ahead by making these simple changes. They’ve also reported saving money by leaving the car at home and avoiding traffic jams, parking fees and other hidden costs.

Have a look at our new film and get involved. You’ll feel healthier, happier and more ready to... Arrive Happy.

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Check out your fastest route or find an off road alternative to mix up your commute.

The Merseyside Cycle Maps show cycling routes for all abilities, with both on and off road routes and maps available for all local areas.


Need a bit of help getting started?

Thinking about getting back into cycling after a long break? Or maybe you’ve never cycled before? Whatever you think the barrier may be, don’t let it hold you back. There’s loads of help out there to get you pedalling and build your cycling confidence and ability, from road safety training to bike fixing workshops and more.


Extra resources to help with your daily commute

Whether you have an old bike you'd like to donate or are looking to buy or hire a bike, we’ve put together some resources to help you get on the road and discover a healthier commute.



Donate your old bike

If you have a spare bike that you’d like to donate, there are lots of bike recycling groups in and around the Liverpool City Region.

Cycle hire

Cycling is a great way to get fit and save money on your travel to and from work. And if you don't have a bike of your own, you can always hire one.


Supporting walking and cycling in the workplace could boost your business and your workforce.

People who walk or cycle take fewer sick days and will see a drop in obesity, heart disease and respiratory problems. They're also likely to be happier, liberated from traffic queues and filled with endorphins generated by regular exercise.

Activate your people with the Arrive Happy business case to find out why more active travel is good for your local economy, and how your business and reputation can be enhanced by making pedal power a priority.


Arrive Happy with the Walk Doctors

The ‘Walk Doctor’ was invited to set up shop at Liverpool’s vibrant workspace Avenue HQ recently, giving independent businesses the opportunity to have an informal consultation about how they could have a healthier commute to and from work.

Walk Doctor events are a popular way of engaging any audience that employers or organisations wish to reach, inspiring them to make walking a more prominent part of their lifestyle.

Living Streets’ ‘Walk Doctors’ are specialists who can consult with staff/customers/community members on their walking habits – identifying barriers and prescribing solutions to encourage walking.


The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is on a mission to make walking and cycling a normal part of every day life.

They’re leading the development of the Liverpool City Region Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, an ambitious strategy that sets out the long-term vision for cycling and walking in our city region.